Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer in the South

Looking back over past photos is a wonderful way to remember
all the great times I have had during my summer breaks.
The south is a hot, humid place during June, July, and August but with that heat comes a multitude of flowers. I took this photo when we visited a town I lived in when I was 5, Harriman Tennessee.
 Sweet tea is a staple of southern life, especially in the summertime.
I like mine with lemon or lime and a little mint.
I grow mint in the planter on my front porch, just slip outside and cut a few sprigs.

 Picking blackberries is a favorite past time of my hubby and me.
We have not gone yet this year because of the temperature, but it's supposed to be in the 80's for a couple of days this week(instead of the 90's) so we will go out one evening.
I sing while I pick, hope it scares away the snakes!
 Sunday afternoon rides in the VW convertible lends photo opportunities galore!
Hubby has started a collection of "road dog" photos that I plan make into a book for him......maybe  a surprise birthday gift!
 Of course there is a wedding or two that we will attend.
Many southern brides like outdoor weddings and there seems
to be a multitude of barns, farms, and fields that have been converted to wedding venues.
Hopefully, I will be taking more photos and I promise to blog about all of them. I do not have much time till I go back to school but I am sure I can snap a few, and I am taking them on the manual setting....which is a real challenge to me!
Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Kinda boring game.......but the result is Argentina goes to the finals.
Watch out Germany!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer and the 4th

What a busy summer we have had!
The booth has kept us sooooo busy and if we are not there, we are out picking
I did have a chance to go see some wonderful fireworks.

What a great 4th with my daughter and grand daughter!
We were right under the fireworks and they were amazing.
I am going try and post more! I miss my blog friends and I hope you have an terrific Tuesday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Shiny, Sparkly Stuff

We go treasure hunting every Saturday, and as we were driving down the road
we spied sparkly things sitting on several tables. 
 Do you know what these are? They are vintage insulators.
 They go on top of electrical poles.
They make them in several different colors, shapes, and sizes.

This was my photo opportunity of the morning.
I did take them with my phone.
Hubby and I are going to start taking photos with our Nikons.

 I like the way the light reflects off the glass.
I even got two insulators for free.
Please read some of the other interesting posts
 on Jenny Matlock's Alphabe Thursday...the letter is S.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

McAlisters- our new fav!

After I got home from school on Friday, we went to the booth.
We usually go about 4 times a week to restock the shelves.
Empty shelves means sales and we are doing well in our new, larger booth!
I cook most nights and really enjoy doing it....I know some of you are
not fans of cooking dinner but it gives me a chance to relax.
I like to cook and with a glass of wine and some kicking tunes, 
I am a happy girl in the kitchen. 
Saying that, I DO NOT COOK on Fridays, usually I am tired after
teaching pre-k all week and it's a treat for us to go out and "get a bite".
Out rule: no more than 20 dollars. We have become quite good at eating
just about everywhere for that price or even less.
Last Friday we spent right around 15.00 including tax and it was yummy.

We went to McAlisters and ordered off the pick two. I got a 
bacon potato and a chef salad. It was supposed to be half a potato but it was 
a whole one. I overheard a lady say that if you get a super potato, it is two potatoes!
The blue cheese dressing was great! I took half of my meal home and had it for lunch on Saturday. 

Hubby got Nachos and a potato, he could not eat all of his either.
The food looks like an ad, I took these photos with my phone.
The service was wonderful as well! 
I know their sweet tea is really good but I don't do caffeine for dinner,
besides it costs almost 2 dollars a glass.
I'm cheap, I only drink water when we go out unless it is included 
with the meal. 
If you have a McAlisters nearby, give it a try, you will become a fan!

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hubby and I found this lovely vintage silver plate 
on one of our adventures.

 We are going to put it in our booth,
it's eight place settings and a few serving pieces.
We are selling it for 70 dollars.
It's a simple pattern by Oneida.
I have not even polished it and it is still shiny.
We use silver plate as our everyday because I like the weight 
of the fork when I hold it.
I love to find treasures.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Last week it was snow and cold!
This weekend it was 72 degrees and sunny and hubby and I went
on a driftwood hunt.
Hey, I took these photos with my IPhone...pretty good.
 This looks like the beach, not beside the Tennessee River.
I have these great art ideas for the wood.
My students are going to paint and decorate them, maybe make them
into wood monsters.
 The best thing is that all this wood was FREE!
We are going to make some fish and beach signs out of the wood
to put in the booth.
We are moving to a bigger booth, an eight by sixteen, which is double the size of our
"little booth". I am going to take a personal day on Friday and paint the
walls and shelves. I will be posting photos of my new booth soon.
I'm a little nervous about moving to a larger booth, hope it will work out!